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An initial retainer is to be tendered prior to any formal investigative activity*. The retainer is non-refundable and will be disposed of in payment for investigative costs. It will be based on an estimate of the amount of work needed. A
  minimum fee of $300.00 covering 4 hours of work will be charged for any matter by the firm.

Investigative fees will be charged at a rate of $75.00 an hour from portal to portal. Each additional investigator's rate will be $40.00 an hour.

Indirect expenses such as tolls, phone charges, entrance fees, photographic, video and clerical fees are some of the expenses that may be assessed to the investigation. All photos will be in the 8x10 format unless otherwise specified.

Travel costs of .40 per mile per investigator from portal to portal will be assessed.


Court attendance, including pre-trial and post-trial conferences and deposition time, will be billed at $850.00 per day. Court appearance fees are payable in advance to avoid scheduling conflicts.

As defined by law our agency is not allowed to take on any investigations based on a percentage of the final award. Payment is due at the time of billing without undue delay. If there is any condition that deters this remittance, please advise this agency upon initial contact for assignment. We retain the right to attach interest charges for any payment past due beyond thirty days.

We thank you for your choice of detective agencies. It is our desire to serve you in the most professional and ethical manner as we possibly can to insure the greatest success in the outcome of your case.

*Lawyers Exempted
The above quotes do not apply to D.W.I. review matters.


Rate Schedules




The following fee schedule is in effect for all work performed by James G. Beatty, Jr. in the area of D.W.I. No services will be rendered prior to the payment of the appropriate fees. Discovery and Video Review A complete analysis of all discovery and an examination of the video tape (if available) to include: the preparation of the breath test instrument, the administration of the breath tests, and the evaluation of any psychophysical tests. $400.00 Data download review is an additional $200.00

Court AppearanceCourt dates WILL NOT be honored without prior confirmation and payment received by this office. Payments by check must be made at least five working days before the scheduled court date. Only certified checks, money orders or cash will be accepted on the day of trial. This fee is for appearing at the time and date scheduled. In the event that additional court appearances are necessary, this office reserves the right to assess additional fees, payable prior to the next scheduled court date. If an "On-Call" status is required an appropriate fee must be assessed. Court dates scheduled with this office that are canceled within 48 hours of the scheduled court date will be assessed a cancellation fee. All………….................................................................................................…...........……...…$900.00 Blood CasesThe N.J.S.P. now holds blood for ninety days. Each lab will accept faxes or requests via U.S. Mail to preserve the second vial of blood. An order is necessary to obtain the second vial. Upon receipt of the order arrangements will be made with the submitting agency to turn over the vial for transportation to Lab Corp. for ethanol testing. Fee includes transportation of sample, chain of custody, time and travel………………….$500.00 Analysis included