The following fee schedule is in effect for all work performed by James G. Beatty, Jr. in the area of D.W.I. No services will be rendered prior to the payment of the appropriate fees. Discovery and Video Review A complete analysis of all discovery and an examination of the video tape (if available) to include: the preparation of the breath test instrument, the administration of the breath tests, and the evaluation of any psychophysical tests. $400.00 Data download review is an additional $200.00

Court AppearanceCourt dates WILL NOT be honored without prior confirmation and payment received by this office. Payments by check must be made at least five working days before the scheduled court date. Only certified checks, money orders or cash will be accepted on the day of trial. This fee is for appearing at the time and date scheduled. In the event that additional court appearances are necessary, this office reserves the right to assess additional fees, payable prior to the next scheduled court date. If an "On-Call" status is required an appropriate fee must be assessed. Court dates scheduled with this office that are canceled within 48 hours of the scheduled court date will be assessed a cancellation fee. All………….................................................................................................…...........……...…$900.00 Blood CasesThe N.J.S.P. now holds blood for ninety days. Each lab will accept faxes or requests via U.S. Mail to preserve the second vial of blood. An order is necessary to obtain the second vial. Upon receipt of the order arrangements will be made with the submitting agency to turn over the vial for transportation to Lab Corp. for ethanol testing. Fee includes transportation of sample, chain of custody, time and travel………………….$500.00 Analysis included    

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James G. Beatty, Jr


WORK EXPERIENCEMember of the Keansburg New Jersey Police Department from November 1971 until June 1983. I retired on disability due to injuries sustained in the line of duty. I have conducted investigations in all areas including motor vehicle accidents, drunk driving, narcotics and homicides. Received two commendations for EXCELLENT POLICE DUTY and several other letters of recommendation from citizens and other civic and police organizations. I have made over 300 arrests for D.W.I. and conducted over 500 Breathalyzer Examinations. Promoted to Sergeant January 1, 1978 As a patrol sergeant I supervised the shift, inspected posts, made duty assignments, including traffic enforcement and reviewed reports of accident investigations and drunk driving arrests. While the officer in charge of the Detective, Juvenile and Records Division I conducted and supervised all criminal investigations, assigned tasks, reviewed all reports and generated the monthly Uniform Crime Report. I was the firearm-training officer and conducted all in service firearms training. Promoted to Lieutenant April 2, 1982 As the Lieutenant in charge of the Patrol Division, I made personnel assignments, oversaw the scheduling of in service training, reviewed all arrests and investigation reports and formulated plans for addressing specific needs in the daily operation of the patrol division, including drinking driving enforcement. EducationGraduated St. Ann Grammar School, June 1962 Graduated Middletown Township High School, June 1966 AttendedUnion Junior College, 1966-1967 Attended Northwestern State University, 1968-1969 Associate of Science Degree in Criminal Justice from Brookdale Community College, June 27, 1983Technical and Professional Training I graduated from with 2nd class of theMonmouth County Police Academy, with courses in Arson, Assault, Accident Investigation, Burglary, Criminal Investigation, Crime Scene, Investigation, Drunk Driving, 
Narcotics Investigations, Sex Crimes, Report Writing, Traffic and Criminal Laws, Search and Seizure.
March 1, 1974 completed the 40 hr course on the Theory, Use and Operation of the Breathalyzer conducted by the New Jersey State Police. September13, 1974 I completed the 40 hours course in Basic Drug Enforcement at the N.J.S.P. Academy, Sea Girt, New Jersey.June 4, 1975 I completed the 40-hour course in Advanced Drug Enforcement at the N.J.S.P. Academy, Sea Girt, New Jersey.October 17, 1975 completed the 40-hour course inCriminal Investigation at the N.J.S.P. Academy, Sea Girt, New Jersey. March 28, 1978 I completed the 80-hour course inPolice Supervision at the N.J.S.P. Academy, Sea Girt, New Jersey. June 8, 1977. I attended an 8-hour seminar conducted by the New Jersey State Identification Officers Association at Middlesex County Community College onPhotographing and Police Identification. December 31, 1979 completed the course on the new 2: C Criminal Code 1975-1983 I attended Tri-Yearly seminars on the Advanced Techniques in Narcotic Law Enforcementconducted by the New Jersey Narcotic Enforcement Officers Association, including the identification of dangerous drugs, drug enforcement, narcotic laws and identification of symptoms of abuse. 1975-1983 attended yearly 5-day Conferences on Narcotic Law Enforcementconducted by the New Jersey Narcotic Enforcement Officers Association. Past Member of the Board of Directors of the New Jersey Narcotic Enforcement Officers Association I am a Past Recording Secretary, New Jersey Narcotic Enforcement Officers Association. Associate member of the National Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys

Associate Member of the Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association

 Member of the New Jersey Police Honor Legion






The J.G.B. Detective Agency was established in 1991. It is a multi-disciplinary agency conducting investigations into civil, criminal, matrimonial and personal injury matters.







Mr. Beatty also consults on D.W.I. matters for attorneys throughout the state, prepares reports and testifies on the psychophysical and chemical testing of persons charged with Alcohol Related Traffic Offenses. Mr. Beatty is one of only a few non-law enforcement personnel, or attorneys certified on the National Draeger 7110 Alco-Test